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Orange County | Huntington Beach | Mom Blogger » Top 3 Accounts Parents Should Follow on Twitter

There are lots of interesting accounts on Twitter, and some of them are geared toward mothers who want to share the joys of parenting with others. If you want to be part of a huge online community that provides support to mothers, mothers-to-be, and children, here are some of best accounts that you can follow on Twitter.


Netmums is one of the biggest parenting sites in the world, with over 2 million members and 8 million visitors a month. It talks about a lot of topics, ranging from postnatal depression to taking care of your growing kids. If you’re in need of some good parenting advice or simply want to be BFFs with other moms from around the world, Netmums is a great Twitter account to follow.


ReasonsMySonIsCrying is for mothers who want to sit back, relax, and have a good laugh watching kids cry for the silliest of reasons. The account started off as a fun project for a mum who wanted to record all the cute and absurd things that makes her little boy cry. Now, the Twitter account gets submissions from moms all over the world. The reasons that make kids cry aren’t always logical, and that’s exactly the reason why the pictures are funny. Find the picture of the kid who cried just because he can’t fit all of his crayons in his hand. So cute!

Cradles to Crayons

Maternal instincts kick in whenever moms see a suffering child. This account is for moms who want to extend their parental support to the homeless children in America. The Cradles to Crayons charity is like the North American version of the Monaco-based Unakids, which provides warm clothes, food, and school supplies to low-income families. The only difference is that Unakids operates in war-torn countries in the Middle East. Cradles to Crayons supports thousands of children every year, and they keep their supporters updated with their missions via Twitter. If you have extra school supplies or clothes and want to know how and where to donate them, you can visit the group’s twitter account here.

Guest Contributor: Sheena Anderson
Sheena works at an Internet security company. She loves programming, writing, cooking, and watching Star Trek marathons. She is a mother of two kids who show promise in baking at such an early age.

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