utah family portrait: the ongman family

As an East Coast girl, a white Christmas is the best way to enjoy the holidays and to end the year.  Living in California, you don’t have any opportunities to see a white Christmas ever.  This year, we were back in Draper, Utah visiting family and taking in the cold, cold fresh air and enjoying life as we know it.  To end the year, we decided to capture the Ongman family at their best…dressed in their winter jackets, having fun, and freezing their buns off.

We spent 4 days in Draper with Heidi and her family, it was such an awesome Christmas and I’m so thankful to have Heidi and her family in my life.  The entire family was in tow…my mom & brother along with Heidi and her family, Mama & Papa Lempert and the husband and yours truly (plus the two dogs).  It was a full house and a fabulous visit – stay tuned for the next post…the video that the hubby put together that sums up our family vacation fabulously…

Anywho…check out the fun we had at Draper Park with Heidi and family!!!










All pooped out after the photo shoot…


Now, you may be wondering how in the world I got the four kiddos to cooperate and last almost an hour, posing for tons of photos…here’s how the email conversation went between me and Heidi…Heidi:  “We’ll have to figure out how to get the kids to stand still and pose for photos…”  Me:  “Well, we can bribe them with something…maybe?”  Heidi:  “What do you think we should do?”  Me:  “Well in the olden days, wouldn’t they sacrifice a human for promise of good things to come?”  Heidi:  “That sounds like a good idea, who should we sacrifice?”  Me:  “Well the kiddos love Uncle Cool, let’s sacrifice him after the photo shoot…”

Luckily, it worked out…the hubby was my lovely assistant, making the kiddos laugh and assisting with demonstrating how to pose for a photo…


And when we were finally done, the promise of a human sacrifice was paid forward and we let the kiddos loose on Uncle Cool…


The End…another great end to another great shoot.  Thanks Ongman crew, we love you!  Cheers!

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