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Orange County | Huntington Beach | Mom Blogger » The Motherhood Journey and Seeking Validation

We have made it to mid-week friends! I don’t know about you but it’s a freakin’ accomplishment for me this week. I’ll admit Monday was a difficult day, I couldn’t seem to get it together. I felt panicked, overwhelmed and wishing there were more hours in the day and fewer things on my plate.

Finally, I took that 10-minute breather, I stopped everything I was doing and sat quietly in the middle of my living room floor. I took a few deep breaths and talked myself out of opening up a bottle of wine in the middle of the day (it’s always happy hour somewhere, right?). Thankfully, I was able to redeem myself by Monday night but man, I barely survived.

Let’s be real for a second…motherhood is hard AF. Throw in owning your own business and all hell breaks loose. Some days you feel like you’ve got it together and you’re going to kick ass and take names. Other days, you just want to hide in your closet, eat ice cream (or drink a bottle of wine), and wish all the things away.

In all honesty, I just needed to hear that I was doing a good job because sometimes it doesn’t feel like I’m ever close to being a good mom or a spectacular entrepreneur. Despite feeling (and looking) like a hot mess, it’s always nice to hear someone say, “…hey, you’re doing amazing…”

So today, I’m giving YOU a shoutout for being a badass and doing a spectacular job at this thing called life. You are amazing, strong, and resilient…you are bound for great things, despite the little bumps in the road.

Who’s with me!? Spread some kindness and good vibes today — tag a friend in the comments and give them a shoutout!! Trust me, they’ll appreciate it. XO

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