the mama project: the registry conundrum

Week 32!

Knock on wood, but this pregnancy so far has been quite uneventful.  That is until…we had to register for baby items.  We decided to hit up the task earlier than later, decided on a random Saturday morning, right before the holidays in December and went for it.

We thought it would be fun registering for baby items, just like it was fun when we registered for wedding items.

We were wrongSo wrong.

Our wedding registry game plan depended on one thing – dinner with a cocktail.  This plan made figuring out which plates to register for waaaaay less daunting, since these choices were the base of how successful our new life together would be.  Let’s just say that registering for the wedding was a complete success.

Moving on to registering for baby.  Two things before we even got started:  no cocktails were had during the making of this registry plan AND being first time parents, we had absolutely no idea what a baby would need.  This was not going to be easy.

Two hours later and officially over it…we didn’t receive much help from the employees at the store, could barely figure out how to remove the car seat from the base and let’s not get started on how we finally decided on a baby stroller.  Needless to say, we were exhausted, frustrated and I needed to go to the bathroom (again).

It took a few days to recover and after much thought and more research, I finished the registry online.  No scanner, no crazy “must have” lists – just a simple, basic list provided to me by a wonderful girl friend who just recently became a mom herself.  I highly recommend asking friends who have done it before – they’ll be the ones to tell you exactly what worked for them and what they didn’t need.  It’s a great way to get started and it worked for us!

Another piece of advice for baby registry-ers (I didn’t realize it until it was too late) – don’t feel limited to registering at your basic baby places.  Go online!  Many other retailers (boutique shops and even offer baby registries, so find out what’s best for you & go with it.  Good luck!

See you in week 33!

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