the mama project: the beginning

It all begins right here.  The beginning…the start of it all…there’s no turning back.

Wow.  We are currently 31 weeks pregnant with a little boy on the way.  We are so new to this concept of parenthood and have no clue what to expect.  What we do know is that it certainly will not be easy, but we’re intending to make it as fun (or as hilariously funny) as possible.

Our first adventure was deciding what to do with the baby room.  It is the current site of our guest bedroom and my home office, where I had spent many late nights working.  Friends and family were soon asking about colors, themes, etc. and we had no clue what to do.  After racking our brains and getting seriously addicted to Pinterest, we came up with a wall color and that was as far as we got.

It’s been almost a month now and we’re officially done painting.  It took that long because once we got started on paint color ideas, we decided to re-paint the entire home.  It started with our dining room and moved onto our kitchen.  When we thought we were ready to paint the baby room, we detoured with deciding to re-paint the master bedroom.  And finally, just last weekend, we finished painting the baby room.  Halleluiah, painting is officially finished. 

Now, it’s off to actually decorate the baby room.  I guess it’s back onto Pinterest I go…

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