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Orange County | Huntington Beach | Mom Blogger » Seasons of Change in Life, Business, and Parenting…Do You Embrace It?

It’s all symbolic really…the strong rains we’ve gotten here in Southern California to these beautiful super blooms and all this green that we are seeing on our rolling hills and mountains. It is truly a sight to be seen. We’ve got to remember to breathe it all in and enjoy it while we can because we all know those southern California summers can be brutal. And with that, comes a change in our season, our view. Still beautiful, yet different…but all good and we adapt.

This new shift in the wind has me feeling like there is a transition coming my way. Deep down in my soul, I feel the tips of it starting to take hold. I’m not too sure what it is yet, but I know that the seeds have been planted. So, I’m going to stand here, arms open wide, with my positive intentions for the universe and see what happens. Life is good…always changing, but that’s an awesome thing. Without change, life would be boring, right?

Friends, how do you embrace change? And can we get a cheer for that fact that we are quickly approaching the weekend (um, how is it Thursday already!?) which means we are just mere days away from Spring Break and looking forward to some good old fashioned shenanigans! ❤️

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