santa monica wedding: natalie + ekrem

Natalie called me while having her car washed one afternoon, asking me about my photography.  She was getting married on a Thursday in Santa Monica and only needed photography for a few hours.  she chose me because my blog stories were “quirky” just like she was.  I’ve never been called quirky so i thought I’d take it as compliment…as long as “quirky” didn’t mean weird.  so, we had a conversation…like old friends.

Natalie and Ekrem have an amazing story – a story that takes place over the course of a few years and over three continents.  I may not have the entire story straight but here goes… while visiting a friend in New York (Natalie was living in Paris at the time), she mentioned she was planning on visiting turkey on vacation.  Her friend introduced her to some other friends, who lived in Turkey, that could show Natalie around when she arrived.  While in Turkey, one of those friends ended up being Ekrem.  They had a wonderful time together and afterwards, Natalie returned home to Paris.  Soon after she returned to Paris, they began exchanging phone calls, visited each other and soon, a friendship blossomed into something more.  Fast forward a few years later…Natalie is just moving into her new home in Los Angeles and she gets a call – from Ekrem, telling her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her…and she said yes!

If fairy tales didn’t come true, I wouldn’t know what to call the lives of Natalie and Ekrem.  Their wedding day was intimate and amazing, filled with so much love from friends, family and each other.  Just from watching the way Ekrem looked at Natalie and the way that Natalie smiled at Ekrem, you could tell that they were just meant to be.  Congrats to you Natalie and Ekrem!  I will be seeing you in Turkey!

Venue:  Shutters, Santa Monica

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