santa barbara portrait: katie

It’s always a bit intimidating when more than just a few of your close friends are also professional photographers…especially very talented, very creative professional photographers.  Luckily, my friends keep me challenged and push me to think outside of the box when we photograph each other.  Nonetheless, it is still intimidating!

Here’s a shoot for my friend Katie, done a few months ago, while on a road trip in Santa Barbara.  We’ve known each other for years and our families have “grown up” together for most of those years.  She is someone I talk to everything about, from photography, business, our creative insecurities (when we have them, because let’s face it, everyone has them) , amongst a slew of other things we manage to talk about.  We had been planning on a road trip for a while and decided that we’d fit in a photo shoot while traveling.  We ultimately found the perfect spot, discussed an idea for the shoot and went with it.  With the sun just setting and a bit of wind picking up, we managed to come up with a few fun shots that simply described Katie as Katie.

Katie:  I love that we’re able to inspire, challenge and support each other.  I look forward to more collaborations in the future, growing our families together and more laughter along the way.  Cheers to our adventures!  XOXO

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