orange magazine

I have been blessed by the magazine gods this past year! Sitting on my coffee table a few nights ago was the daily mail pile.  Most of the time, this pile consists of bills and junk mail.  But this time, as I sorted through the pile, I noticed a big, white envelope containing what I knew to be two copies of Orange Magazine.

I worked with Fairmont Private School a few months ago, photographing some students in their “daily school life” for future advertisement opportunities.  They mentioned that Orange Magazine would be using one of the photographs for the cover of their Fall 2009 issue.  Fairmont showed me some love by using the photos on their website, while also submitting the cover image and an editorial piece with additional photos to the magazine.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to show off some of my work!

Check it out…  :)


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  • Yeah! that is wonderful! and a darling image. Ive only had the pleasure of having an image in a collage on the cover before and that was thrilling so you must be thirilled! congrats.

  • Ron Lempert

    WOW, Congratulations, we are so proud of you.

  • Kathy

    Isnt that a great moment when you see it in print and realize “dammn I am good”
    Well deserved congrats :-)

  • Kim Chizek-Elsokary

    Eva Congrats, Beautiful pictures