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When you have family visiting from the East Coast, you’ve got yourself a family reunion. I always try to document the occasion with some family photos when I travel with my family. If you’re not in a remote location (as my family and I often are), have your family photos taken, I promise you won’t regret it.

Destination family photos are definitely a “thing.” I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many families from all over. A few years ago, I met up with a family visiting from Russia. It’s so awesome to hear what others think about my beautiful town.

Susan and Dennis are some of my favorite people. I have been photographing their family since their grandchildren were still in the womb. Meeting the East Coast side of the family was a highlight. Iconic Newport Beach is the pure definition of a Southern California beach. We had some rain come through earlier and almost had to cancel the session, but we waited it out to find ourselves shooting on an empty beach with these rays of sunshine coming through the clouds. The best things come to those that wait!

Tips from a photog (ahem, me!) to help you plan a fun, easy-going session!

  • When choosing your photographer, make sure you review their work – check to see if the photographer is familiar with the area in which you are staying. This makes it easier for the photographer to offer suggestions on where to shoot and if there are any cool landmarks in your area.
  • Photographers do charge travel fees if they are asked to travel a fair distance away. You decide if this is something you’ll want to pay for when you make a choice in photographer.
  • Many city, state, or county-owned parks & beaches require a permit. Make sure to allow time for your photographer to get through the permit process, if applicable, so book early!
  • CLOTHING – wear something comfortable and something that reflects your personality! Great photos don’t require 100% matching outfits and don’t be afraid of color! You can scroll through my blog to see how clients choose to dress during their photoshoots.
  • As mentioned above…BOOK EARLY! You want to make sure you’re booked before you arrive. Summer is usually a very busy season for photographers (I usually book 2-4 weeks in advance), so make sure you secure your session ASAP.
  • Last but not least, ENJOY. Have fun, relax and don’t be afraid to laugh your way through your session. Enjoy each other, you’re on vacation!

Newport Beach Family Photography, Orange County Family Photography, Laguna Beach Family Photography, Huntington Beach Family Photography, Costa Mesa Family Photography, Newport Beach Family Photographer, Orange County Family Photographer, Laguna Beach Family Photographer, Huntington Beach Family Photographer, Costa Mesa Family Photographer

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