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This is our current view, 24 days into our COVID-19 quarantine. I haven’t wrapped my head completely around what is going on. On March 13th, my son was sent home from school with numerous amounts of worksheets, some books, and items that we’d usually find at the end of the year. A few weeks ago, we were notified that our kids will not be returning to school for the rest of the school year. Distance learning has become a norm in our house and I find myself in a new homeschool teacher role.

Almost a month into our new normal and we’ve taken it on pretty well and assimilated it into our daily lives. While I’m not able to work as much (and neither is a lot of the world), I’m able to fill my time being the best teacher’s assistant ever. My little family has re-learned the importance of slowing down and enjoying each other. It’s strange that it’s taken a pandemic to make us realize that life was passing us by so quickly and we couldn’t control everything that was happening – we weren’t able to slow down, even if we tried.

So here we are. Mornings filled with long walks around the neighborhood, noticing the quiet and empty streets and hearing the birds chirp so loudly, you realize you’ve never stopped to listen for them (or smell the roses, no less)! The flowers that we walk past are in full bloom and so vivid in color and the sky is bluer than ever. We’re more focused than ever about our mental and physical health. We are practicing mindfulness, doing yoga, and meditating…things we’ve never stopped mid-day to do, but are doing now.

Silver linings I guess. We will take this pandemic in stride and come out stronger (and hopefully kinder and well-rested) on the other end.

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