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Orange County | Huntington Beach | Portrait Photographer » The COVID-19 Diaries, Day 65

65 days have been spent in quarantine. We just officially hit phase 2 of reopening Southern California. We still have a little more than a month of distance learning left. More COVID-19 test kits are available and the number of infections continues to rise. We’re still holding strong on the homefront and there is a light, albeit small, at the end of our tunnel.

Our home life is a bit crazy despite all the structure that has been implemented in order to balance everyone’s quarantine work schedules and distance learning. Since my son is only 7 years old, I’ve had to scale back completely on my work and focus on being a full-time mom. To be honest, I may joke about how crazy that sounds, but it is one of the most fulfilling and challenging things I’ve ever done (even more challenging than having a newborn baby). We have great days and we also have our not-so-great days, but this whole experience has taught me a lot about having patience and grace.

On a lighter note, we haven’t been able to do the things we were used to doing pre-pandemic. Things we never thought were important until the option was taken away from us…like haircuts for example. Something as simple as walking into a barbershop to get a quick haircut isn’t something that we can do these days, so I watch this kid (and his hair) grow like a weed. He loves it but as any mother of boys know…boys are sweaty, dirty little humans so as you can imagine, so is the animal that is growing from his head.

Stay well, friends.

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