costa mesa portrait: miss stacy

I call it a bird’s nest, it’s the best description I can give to anyone when discussing my hair in its current state.  It’s the one thing in my life that fails me over and over again.  It is no one’s  fault but my own and I take full responsibility for my appearance, from the neck up.  This is why I put all of my trust into my hair stylist, who has been putting up with my nest for 12 years and counting.  She makes me feel wonderful and not so anxious about setting out in this fashion-forward society.  Walking into her salon makes me nervous and insecure…as I pass by all of these stylish stylists with awesome hair…while seeing my hair stylist again to tame the crazy birds nest.

And this is how I came to meet Stacy.  Stacy is also a hip and stylish hair stylist and she always had the chair next to my hair guru.  So, when I ran out of things to say (I know, crazy talk, isn’t it?), I would listen to Stacy’s conversation with her clients.  I love the hair salon – it’s where you catch up on all the latest celebrity gossip and you get to hear everyone else’s gossip as well – it’s a girl thing and I love every single minute of it…and what’s better than knowing that when you leave this place, you are caught up on all the juicy tidbits but you look fabulous to boot!!

So, this time, Stacy got to sit in “my chair” when she asked that I shoot a few head shots of her for work and for her own personal use.  I was game on and so was she.  She openly admitted when we first met up that she was nervous and I told her that I felt the same way when walking into her salon – we laughed, we hung out and shot some awesome looking photos (in my own opinion, of course), and when we were finished, she looked amazing on camera!!

Stacy, thank you for the awesome time and thanks for not saying a thing about my hot mess bird’s nest when we met up!  HA!  Check out the beautiful and fabulous Stacy!!








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  • Tammy F.

    Miss Eva,

    Stacy looks beautiful! I love the photos (and your “bird’s nest”). I look forward to your next blog.