utah family adventures: zion national park

A few weeks ago, the family decided to get together.  Well, we decided a few months ago but a few weeks ago, we got together.  The Lempert crew found themselves at Zion National Park for a weekend filled with family fun, a bit of wrestling, and some hiking.  The husband and I drove out the night before Lempert-fest, as we decided that bright Friday morning, we would be hiking Angels Landing, one of Zion National Park‘s most popular (and scarier) hikes.

Friday morning, we woke up in St. George, a quaint little town that I wish we could have spent a bit more time in.  Our hike was awaiting, so we got to Zion National Park, jumped on the shuttle & in a few minutes were dropped off at the trail marker.  The first part of the hike wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but when we started the ascend up to Angels Landing, I’d have to say that my fear of heights got the best of me.  Wanting to turn back and wait for the hubby to finish, he convinced me to keep on as he believed that I would regret not getting to the top.  And an hour or so later…we got to the top…check out some of the photos taken by me and some by the oh-so-talented husband o’mine…





Don’t let the smile fool you here…we were about half-way up the ascent and I almost cried a few seconds before this photo was taken…


And shortly after…we made it to the top!  I would definitely recommend this hike to all of you out there but be forewarned!  It is not a lie when they tell you it’s not recommended for people with an intense fear of heights!




After the Angels Landing hike, we met up with the rest of the family at the Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.  There, we made camp by putting up our tent & settling in, while Mom & Dad Lempert made themselves comfy in their Cowboy Cabin and Heidi and family were nestled comfortably in their RV.  I was looking forward to a good weekend of hiking and hi-jinx with the kids.  Here are a few photos of Saturday & Sunday…






This one is the OFFICIAL Lempert Family vacation portrait (off the point & shoot)…


On our way home…there were deer alongside the road, but by the time we whipped the camera out, we only managed to get a small peek at them…


A great weekend with great memories!  More Lempert Family Adventures to come…cheers!

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  • Deborah Southworth

    Great photos Eva…of course! I have been there…it is an incredible place….. but I think I would have really enjoyed it with the Lempert family….look at those smiles!

  • Just came upon your blog today. Nice images!

    It’s so funny. We were just at Zion in early Sept ’09, probably just weeks before you, and stayed at the same resort! It’s one of our favorite places. We had a great time and plan to return this year!



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