irvine family portrait: the chico-loza family

I’ve known Greg and Jessica for quite some time now.  Greg and Jessica, a few years back, graciously agreed to pose for me, for a few beach side portraits.  Greg, a fellow photographer and friend, is an amazing creative and both him and Jessica are recent new parents!  So, when I found out that they had a baby boy named Dylan, I had to ask them again to graciously pose for me.  And as awesomeness would have it, they said yes.

I was a bunch of nerves before we met up.  What are they going to think of the photos?  Like I’ve said before, it’s always harder to shoot for a fellow photographer AND they’re friends!!  The pressure’s on!!  The one thing about Greg and Jessica though – they are so great in front of the camera.  And new baby, Dylan?  He takes after his parents – a major camera lover.  The shoot went off without a hitch and it really challenged me to do something a little more creative and different.  Greg & Jess, I hope you enjoy them!!  Dylan is such a bundle of stud-muffin cuteness, I’m looking forward to watching him grow up.  Love you guys.

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