balboa peninsula portrait: erin

My friend Erin, who was a bride of mine last year, emailed me a few weeks ago, asking about headshots.  My inquiring mind was all about knowing what she needed headshots for, so I asked what they were for.

Erin is a musical talent – I found this out when I photographed her sister’s wedding earlier this year.  She was asked to sing a few songs at the wedding and I remember being amazed at how well she sang.  I even remember heading home and telling the hubby that she should try out for American Idol (he was a bit jealous that I have not said this about his singing, but that would be a whole other blog post…).

So, Erin needed headshots for a few musicals that she is planning on auditioning for and of course, I was totally willing to oblige!  Who is going to say no to a beautiful, blond, singing babe??  Not me!!   We met up at the Balboa Peninsula and had a bit of fun…and no worries, Erin promised to not forget the little people when she hits the big time!!  Check out a few of the favorites from the fun…










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