costa mesa portrait: julianna and ben

Sports.  It is a topic that sometimes defines the difference between a man and a woman.  I’ve always considered myself a tomboy – played sports all my life (I come from a very sports friendly family), not afraid to get a little sweaty and have always been quite competitive.

This all went down the drain the minute I met my husband.

My husband is the master of sports in the Lempert household…a sport for every season…baseball, NFL, college football, basketball, etc.  Our television is specifically in the house for sports – extra sports channel packages, so that we’re able to watch every. single. game.

One particular sport that I have acquired a major liking and competitive spirit for is baseball.  Being married to a native Southern Californian Orange County boy, I am an inducted-in lifetime Angels fan.  In the past six years of sitting next to my husband, watching him eat sunflowers seeds without ever using his hands, and trying to catch the flying bag of peanuts that comes whizzing at me at light speed, I have learned a few things about the game of baseball.  And I like it.

I got a call a few weeks ago from an editor of a magazine in Tampa Bay, Florida, looking for a photographer to shoot some quick photos for the cover of her magazine.  She mentioned that I would be working with an up and coming Christian musician and her baseball playing husband.  They were in town to play the Angels and she could snag me a few moments with the couple.  Then I thought, “Wait a minute…when she said baseball, she meant Major League Baseball. Oh crap, what would the husband say to that, working with the competition??

Julianna and Ben are expecting their second baby, a girl, due in about three months.  Julianna had written an article about how she balances it all – from motherhood, balancing her career as a musician and Ben’s career in baseball.  She is an amazing woman because she manages it all and looks amazing while doing it.  Julianna and Ben were so comfortable in front of the camera, they made it easy for me to snap a few shots for the cover.  We shared a few laughs and on our way out, I wished Ben good luck at that night’s game, then I took it back, since he was playing our home team, then wished him good luck again.   P.S.  I’m better known for the talent behind the lens, not the words that come out of my mouth.

Check out some of the snaps and stay tuned for the cover shot!


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