buena park wedding: stephanie + ivan

When it rains, it pours. That’s exactly what it decided to do on the morning of their wedding day…and we were ready for it, rain or shine, whatever was going to happen!  I met up with Stephanie and Ivan at Our Lady of Guadalupe on a wet Saturday afternoon.  We had spoken on the phone previously and had fully expected the rainy day.  We had a game plan…no matter what, we were going to shoot outside!

Here’s a bit of history for you readers out there…I have been photographing weddings for quite some time now and in the history of my career, it has rained only once during a wedding!!  So, you can kinda see that I was keeping my fingers crossed that the universe was looking out for me on this Saturday.  And voila!  I will have dues to pay to the universe for having my back yet again!  Right after the wedding ceremony, we took a look outside, and it had literally cleared up for about 30 minutes!!  That’s a THIRTY MINUTE window of photo time outside – I’ll take it!  Cue the storm clouds and thunder strikes right at the stroke of 30 minutes.  We took our nod from Mother Nature and headed out for the awaiting party ahead at the Knott’s Hotel, where more fun was to be had.

What I loved about Stephanie and Ivan (and their wedding party) was that it didn’t matter about the rain…they were there to have their day, enjoying each others’ company and celebrating their love with their fabulous friends and family.  They were in it to win it my friends, and that makes me all kinds of happy!!  Stephanie and Ivan are an amazing couple, surrounded by amazing friends and family, and had an absolutely amazing day.  You two are fabulous and you went head to head with Mother Nature (and won)…much love, laughter and a long forever to the two of you!

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  • Bibiana Aguirre

    LOVE your work ,is nice to have a great photographer in the wedding day – they are lucky, you are great.
    congratulations !