balboa peninsula engagement: laura + casey

kis·met (kizmet, kis-): noun fate; destiny; fortune

As a believer in all things destiny and fate, Laura and Casey share a story of kismet.  Casey moved to Los Angeles from Virginia after college, with an eye for the behind the scenes of movie making and commercial magic.  Laura found inspiration from a fellow coworker and fell in love with the film industry.  After college, she found herself in Los Angeles working within the production of commercials.  That’s when it happened…kismet…Laura met Casey behind the scenes at a commercial for Gillette Fusion.  This is where their Hollywood story begins.

We decided to meet at Laura’s old stomping grounds, which are my stomping grounds today.  Although Los Angeles represents the two of them well, it was nice to see Laura at her native beach.  She too, like my husband, worked many years serving the waters of Newport Beach.  The session itself was kismet as well…who would have thought it would be 75 degrees in January?  I guess that’s why we live and love sunny, California!

Laura and Casey, thanks for spending a great afternoon with me.  I look forward to seeing the two of you in February.  Bliss!!

engagement portraits | balboa peninsula, ca

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