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It seriously can’t be true…not yet…has another year passed me by?  Really!?? It feels like we just welcomed 2009, didn’t we?  Who said that when you get older, the years pass you by faster?   When I look back through 2009, I find myself smiling…well, if you really knew me, it would look more like a doofy grin, but you know what I mean!  2009 was a year of success…in business, in my first year of marriage, and in life!  Life only gets better and better!  We not only learn from our mistakes but we make good choices along the way.  So for 2010, some of the 2009 mistakes and good choices are making the new year look good so far… some travel…some adventures…and a lot of photos to be taken! So, be sure to stay tuned for more photos on the blog, the website and even the Facebook page – geez, I’m tired just blogging about it…AND more Lempert adventures.

So, with that said, I leave you with our 2009 seasons greetings…enjoy it now because it’s just going to get worse as the years go on.  Here’s a short little history to the greeting cards ala Lempert.  Mom and Dad Lempert have an awesome newsletter that comes tucked into the Christmas card, which is their little year-in-review to keep all the friends and relatives in the know.  My sister-in-law also has a little letter (this year, from the kiddos) tucked into her cards as well.  To be honest, I love getting these newsletters and so does the hubby.  We secretly hope to make top billing on the Mom & Dad Lempert newsletter, but this year, it was only about them!  So, to compete with the rest of the Lempert clan, the hubby and I have decided we’re going to give a piece of ourselves in our greeting cards…so here it is, loud and proud…SEASONS GREETINGS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Cheers and love,  Eva


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