Hello Summer

Happy Summer Solstice!

Before having a child, summer meant bike rides at the beach, bar hopping and lazy days with the husband.  These days, with a child in tow, it’s about getting to the beach early so we can get all of stuff lugged onto the beach to spend the day there.  It’s about making sure you slather enough sunscreen on your child and hoping to the good lord that your kid doesn’t beat the crap out of another child.

We are midway through the first week of summer vacation where the kiddo and I are together all day long. We are struggling to get some semblance of a schedule together but hopefully, before the school year starts, we get it together.  May there be plenty of ice coffee and cold cocktails this summer to all who are transitioning into summer vacation with their kiddos.  Thankfully, we have a camping trip to look forward to!

Friends, what are your plans this summer?

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